Meet the Troupe


1. an expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meanings of its constituent elements.
2. a language, dialect, or style of speaking peculiar to a people.
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A Bellydance performance troupe with a difference!

With the occasional foray into dancing the dark side of life, Tribal-Idiom has a distinctive style that can be described as modern or alternative Tribal Fusion Bellydance.  Original members Sarah and Louise formed Tribal-Idiom in 2007 and the troupe currently has five members.

Tribal-Idiom can be seen performing at various bellydance events around Auckland and is available to perform at parties, hens nights, club nights and any other special occasion.  For rates and booking options please email




Along side Sarah, Louise discovered Bellydance in late 2004 and at some point in 2006 was hit by the Tribal lightning bolt with Lily of Tribal Kinesis being her first introduction into the world of Tribal Fusion.  Attending Tribal Fest ’08 and Gothla US 2009 and 2010 have firmly cemented her passion and enthusiasm for this form of dance.   In the wider NZ Bellydance scene she was a member of the MEDANZ Committee for 2 years and sells a wide range of Bellydance costumes and accessories under the name Durriya Bellydance Costumes.  Since 2009 she has been the driving force behind the annual Winter Ascendance Festival which brings the fabulous Sashi of Ascend Tribal Dance to NZ and showcases both local & international teachers and performers.  When performing solo she likes to explore her shadow side with Gothic fusion.


Sarah started Bellydance in 2004 along with Louise. She loved the way that dancing made her feel but felt like something was missing. The missing ingredient was of course the element of Tribal! Along with Louise in 2006 she began her journey into tribal, studying with Lily from Tribal Kinesis and soaking up every bit of information she could find. When Lily returned to the States, Sarah continued to pursue tribal, informed primarily at that stage by Louise’s fantastic dvd collection and overseas jaunts. She has studied annually with Sashi of Ascend Tribal Dance, USA for the past five years and passed her L1 Ascend certification last year. She continues to study with visiting and local teachers whenever possible enjoying the diversity and passion that they bring to the dance.


Initially trained as a yoga teacher and massage therapist, Jo caught the Belly Dance bug around five years ago and has been captivated ever since. Finding it the ideal balance Jo combines her love of Tribal Fusion with her yoga practice and massage company Bella Mama which specialises in working with pregnant women. Since starting her studies into the history of Middle Eastern Dance, Jo has been particularly fascinated by the understanding that the purpose of many of the techniques was to prepare the female body for fertility and childbirth. She now combines her dance studies with her work by teaching her unique “Birth Dance – Bellydance conditioning for Pregnancy” workshops. She has been practising with the troupe Tribal-Idiom for the past six months and recently performed at the MEDANZ festival.


Judy has always been fascinated by dance – whether it be Indian, Contemporary, Flamenco, Salsa, Popping or Hip Hop and discovered bellydancing in 2006. Starting in cabaret-style belly dancing, Judy studied from Lily of Tribal Kinesis and Kali Zahira. It was in 2008 when she was introduced to Tribal Fusion through her cousin-in-law Sarah and subsequently joined Tribal Idiom as the third troupe sister. Not only does she love the adrenaline she gets from belly dancing, she also loves the environment surrounding it as it constantly encourages her to step out of her comfort zone.


Shelley’s interest in dance is based on the pleasure if pairing music and movement. She has danced a number of styles, including ATS bellydance, West African dance, samba, and most recently, tribal fusion bellydance. Shelley enjoys the mental and physical challenge that tribal fusion style brings.


Bex has always had a passion for dance and movement. This really kicked off for her when she started doing fire performance in 2000. Her first exploration into belly dance was a forray into Cabaret at the school of Contempory Bellydance in Christchurch, 2001. Later, she fused what skills she had learn’t there, with her fire performance, in the fire troupe she has been performing in for the last 3 years ‘AHI’. Bex was re-inspired when her Troupe sister Jo, introduced her to Tribal Fusion. For which she will be forever greatful. She loves to combine her dance with props…..Poi, Hula hoop, and Fire-fans, and has a flair for the dramatic! She loves the expression and confidence that comes from putting on a costume…..